Cleaning out the cobwebs

If there was an award for procrastination, I'd probably win it hands down. I've been meaning to revive this blog for god knows how long, but I've simply had a heck of a lot on my plate. I'm not going to make excuses or go into details.

I'm now setting myself a goal to post a minimum of one post per week, whether it be a general update, some creative writing or otherwise.

Creative Activity - a city of fantasy...

The capital of Solaria was a very harmonic, bureaucratic society. Everything about it showed signs of technological superiority, while also embracing natural and magical heritage. The city was a bastion of harmony, of balance, home to towering structures, simpler houses and natural wonders in equal numbers. Towers could be seen jutting into the sky like silver and concrete needles, people hurried about their business, as small as ants to one that may be watching from the higher floors as they moved from building to building.

Fastwrite - The process of writing

I find that fantasy writing comes naturally to me, I can be particularly imaginative. When I write, I try to envision myself as the character I am writing about, seeing through their eyes, hearing through their ears. I try to feel what they would be feeling (and it often works particularly well, I find sometimes during a particularly emotional scene it can actually affect me quite strongly, I am not ashamed to admit.). I lose myself in the world I am creating.

Extended Fastwrite - Adventures in Flight

This fastwrite was done using a rather unusual method - I had a group of people on a messageboard I frequent each give me one element of a story to work with, then once I had the 5 main elements, I had to do a fastwrite with the material I had been given. Please note: This is a first draft, so I am fully aware there is going to be some grammatical errors.

These were the elements given to me:

Fastwrite - I want...

'I want power. I want the ability to protect those I care about...' That was the thought that went through his mind as he saw his love running towards him, a creature of pure shadow chasing behind. The sky overhead was an eerie amethyst color, as if someone had painted over the usual crystal blue color he loved to stare up at so much. He watched helplessly as the shadow beast drew ever closer, occasionally the woman he loved looked behind her, all she could do was run, if she stopped to try to cast a spell to defend herself then the beast would be on her, it would be over.

Fastwrite - Surroundings

The building towers over all the others within the city, keeping a silent vigil as it watches over the surrounding buildings, like a sentinel. Its design is rather unusual, but undeniably modern, built of sturdy concrete and metal, apart from rings of windows at regular intervals which house viewing platforms for those who make the trip up the immense tower to look out at the indescribable view from within. The tower bears all manner of metalic spikes, prongs and protrusions on the topmost portion of the tower. It is hard to describe what it would bear similarity to.