Fastwrite - Passage of Time

Over the years there were lots of changes... it began with the shift of power to a new government, but this in truth was nothing but a farce, it was a carefully constructed coup d'etat by power-hungry politicians bent on 'reshaping' the world as they saw fit, as they deemed what a 'world' should be. The changes were gradual, but unyielding.

Fastwrite - Sounds

For those of you unfamiliar with what a fastwrite is, it is when you are given a theme to write about, it can be a single word, a sentence, a concept, anything and you just put pen to paper and write non stop for a set time, usually around 5 minutes. As such, these usually tend to be FAIRLY short and not always the best quality, but it gives a rough idea of the kind of improvisation a writer can come up with on the fly.