Fastwrite - The process of writing

I find that fantasy writing comes naturally to me, I can be particularly imaginative. When I write, I try to envision myself as the character I am writing about, seeing through their eyes, hearing through their ears. I try to feel what they would be feeling (and it often works particularly well, I find sometimes during a particularly emotional scene it can actually affect me quite strongly, I am not ashamed to admit.). I lose myself in the world I am creating. If I am writing a character casting a spell, I try to imagine the words that would flow from my own mouth, what the feel of the magic running through my body would be like, what the sensation of pure elemental power at my fingertips would feel like to me. I try to envision what a being made of pure elemental energy would look like, or what it would be like to stand before the roar of an imaginary creature that would measure to be 50 times your size and could easily crush you without so much as a second thought. I use this process for both protagonistic and antagonistic characters, even though I don't think of myself as a particularly 'dark' person as such, I know that to make it a convincing story it is necessary to envision the world from both sides of the coin, so to speak, each side has their own morals, their own point of view which in their eyes is not 'wrong', in fact they feel their opponents are the ones who have the incorrect point of view. I am no longer in my own world, while I am writing I am in fact a resident of the world I am creating. I am in most senses of the word - a deity.