Creative Activity - a city of fantasy...

The capital of Solaria was a very harmonic, bureaucratic society. Everything about it showed signs of technological superiority, while also embracing natural and magical heritage. The city was a bastion of harmony, of balance, home to towering structures, simpler houses and natural wonders in equal numbers. Towers could be seen jutting into the sky like silver and concrete needles, people hurried about their business, as small as ants to one that may be watching from the higher floors as they moved from building to building. Above the city streets, the 'privileged' of the Solarians flew overhead, weaving between the spires, making use of flying devices to speed their travel while also preventing their having to deal with what they deemed 'cultural inferiors'.

A lady looked out the window of her top floor office, uttering a soft sigh. Her black hair gleamed in the glow of a lantern that housed a sphere of raw magical energy, providing a steady glow. She was clad in a simple, yet effective business dress that enhanced her visual appeal without being improper. A knock at the door announced the arrival of a male colleague, causing her to turn and nod to the male. Like her, he was dressed in a formal manner designed specifically to his slim, lanky physique. His hair was cut extremely short, except for at the back of his hair, where a length of hair had been braided into a single plait.

"Have you had a chance to read over the councils latest... 'recommendations'?" He asked, though the final word held more than a hint of distaste, revealing his displeasure at what had been listed in the report he had been given. She nodded "I can't believe the council want to impose still more taxes on the middle class workers for the purposes of further military research, we are already dealing with daily protests! If the council keeps this up, we will have a civil war on our hands..." The mans mouth twisted slightly in a grim look "I'm surprised they have not already revolted, I think it is primarily the fact that the working class have limited access to the elemental artes that is stopping a full uprising from occuring. Timeless ones help us if they were to ever get their hands on actual elemental weaponry..."