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Wordplay - Desires

I hope
I want...
I wish for...
I dream that...
“I want a cooked meal”
“I wish for world domination”
“I hope my brother comes home safe”
“I want to live in the countryside when I retire”
“I dream that one day I will own a farm with horses”
“My dream is to be married and in a successful career with kids”
“I hope that I can be at my granddaughters wedding when she gets married”
“I hope that I live a long enough life that I can watch my children grow up”
“I dream that all my relatives can have a peaceful christmas together”
“I hope that she will say yes and go to the dance with me”
“I wish that the price of cigarettes would go down”
“I hope my parents will stop fighting one day”
“I wish that I could win the lottery”
“I want a good night sleep”
“I want a nice cold drink”
I dream that...
I wish for...
I want...
I hope

Look at the above words... what do you see? Do you see the shape of a diamond? The image of a flame? Perhaps the shape of a cloud? Wanting... wishing... hoping... dreaming... at their most basic level, these are all the same thing... desires. They can be simple or complex, big or small, ambitious or unassuming. There is as many desires as there is facets in one hundred thousand diamonds, as many as there is stars in the night sky. They can be as simple and unassuming as a candle flame, or as raging and ambitious as a firestorm. When you look at the sky, you see countless stars, stretching out to infinity... is each star an ungranted wish, an unfulfilled dream? Or does each star signify a granted wish, a fulfilled dream, immortalised for eternity as inspiration for those that dare look to the sky for inspiration? A wish, dream, hope or want for every man, woman, child and animal that walks the earth, has ever set foot on this planet, or will follow in our footsteps in due course. Desires give one a will to live, a strive to succeed, something to aim for. Without ambition, without hopes, without dreams, we lack the flame that drives us, we are naught but empty shells, going from day to day, from cradle to grave, from birth to death. Don't pass into the next world with regrets... chase your dreams, never stop hoping, cherish your wishes. Embrace your desires.