Welcome to Glen's Space

This site is a sister-site to http://glenstradwick.com - while Glen's Lair is intended as a typical blog and venting area, this site will be more used as a portfolio for my creative writing works, such as fastwrites, character creations and so on. As such, posts on this site may be very sporadic, there may be several posts in a short time and then nothing for a while - it all comes down to what my current projects and commitments are.

Due to having repeated issues in the past with spam bots, the ability to create accounts and comment has been completely disabled here, if you have any comments, or would like to make a query about a commission, please email me at glen (dot) stradwick (at) me (dot) com - please make sure to include the site link http://glens.space in the subject so it does not get directed into my junk mail by accident.