Fastwrite - Sounds

For those of you unfamiliar with what a fastwrite is, it is when you are given a theme to write about, it can be a single word, a sentence, a concept, anything and you just put pen to paper and write non stop for a set time, usually around 5 minutes. As such, these usually tend to be FAIRLY short and not always the best quality, but it gives a rough idea of the kind of improvisation a writer can come up with on the fly.


Ding... Ding... Bells chime in the distance, from a location just out of sight, just beyond the horizon, a steady, almost musical rhythm to the ringing. I walk towards the sound curiously, following my ears, letting them guide me, gradually the sound grows louder and steadier and the tune of the bells becomes more pronounced, there is several of them ringing in a specific pattern to chime out a short tune. As I move over the crest of the hill, the source of the sound is apparent, a church sitting in the middle of a field. Strangely there is nothing else visible, no other houses, no farms, just the church, its bells ringing, beckoning me forth. My feet start moving again as I approach the church, the padding of my feet matching the rhythm of the bells ringing. As I get closer I can see the door slightly ajar, welcoming me inside, though what waits inside - I do not know.