Fastwrite - Passage of Time

Over the years there were lots of changes... it began with the shift of power to a new government, but this in truth was nothing but a farce, it was a carefully constructed coup d'etat by power-hungry politicians bent on 'reshaping' the world as they saw fit, as they deemed what a 'world' should be. The changes were gradual, but unyielding. It started with the increase of military presence within the city, under the pretense of being for the safety and security of the citizens, but as time progressed, the citizens saw them being granted more and more powers and immunity from prosecution for their own actions. Next came curfews... the government set a new 'law' that required all non-military citizenry to have returned to their homes by sundown each night, those caught out would face severe penalties. Gradually their freedoms were more and more restricted. Until a number of years after the coup d'etat a small group of individuals set about inciting a revolution, an uprising of the citizens, letting the corrupt politicians know that they were not going to take any more of the treatment that they had been putting up with for years by that point, that it was up to them to decide their path, their future, not some beureaucratic tight-suit that sat behind a desk all day, pulling the strings like some kind of demented puppet-master.