Fastwrite - Surroundings

The building towers over all the others within the city, keeping a silent vigil as it watches over the surrounding buildings, like a sentinel. Its design is rather unusual, but undeniably modern, built of sturdy concrete and metal, apart from rings of windows at regular intervals which house viewing platforms for those who make the trip up the immense tower to look out at the indescribable view from within. The tower bears all manner of metalic spikes, prongs and protrusions on the topmost portion of the tower. It is hard to describe what it would bear similarity to. Some with a slightly twisted mind during its construction phase likened it to a needle or a syringe and called it a testament or a tribute to the druggies of the city. Others saw it as something they would envision in a futuristic story, or a science-fiction work. A person appears near the upper section of the tower, standing on the edge of a platform, peering over the edge of the perilous drop. Without warning they lean forward and go plummeting off the side. Is it a suicide attempt? No. If one were to look closely, they would just barely see a thin metallic cable attached to the person as they plunged downwards in a fast, yet controlled drop. It was your typical thrill-seeker, possibly a local, possibly a tourist, seeking a quick but intense adrenaline rush.